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Native American communities worry about long-term effects from shutdown

As ABCNEWS reported about Native American worries today, they say that they are very worried about government shutdown, in the long terms.

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Charles Riley, a member of the Native American Pueblo of Acoma in New Mexico, did something he hasn’t done in over a month.

He went back to work.

As a federal employee at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Riley was among the 800,000 federal workers who went without pay for weeks during the longest government shutdown in American history.

He is also one of more than 240,000 American Indians who work for the government, according to census data. American Indian communities say they were more acutely impacted by the government shutdown because tribal members faced more limited health care services and programs like food distribution, schools, and even law enforcement were operating with barebones staff and minimal, if any, funding.

Part of the agreement between sovereign tribal states and the federal government is that federal agencies provide services like education, infrastructure and food assistance, many of which were impacted during the shutdown.

Riley contemplated dipping into his life insurance account just days before the shutdown ended.

“It’s become more of a mental burden more than anything else,” he said.

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